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I started using 1 card a day in my job as a waiter… and saw my tips increase on average by 50-100% including one tip of over $700!

Steve Roehm

Steve Roehm Tennessee, USA

What You Can Do When You Have The "Hypnotic Language Shortcut System":

  • You'll be able to get reluctant work colleagues (including your boss) to readily agree with and support your ideas...
  • You'll be able to get your spouse or partner to always act more warm and loving toward you...
  • You'll be able to get your kids (including unruly, rebellious teenagers full of angst) to gladly "fall into line" with your requests...
  • You'll become more charismatic and influential with important people...
  • You can make immediate and deep(I-feel-like-I've-known-them-all-my-life) connections with people you've just met...
  • You can quickly become THAT person that others immediately warm to, respect and want to go out of their way to help, support and give preferential treatment.
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In fact: Think of any person. Any situation.

And you'll be able to influence an outcome favorable to you once you have
the "Hypnotic Language Shortcut System".

Your FREE Hypnotic Language Shortcut System includes 70 Power Cards…

Here's a quick preview of the 70 Power Cards, which are split up into 10 suits...

7 Imagination Cards

The first suit "Imagination" - uses the power of imagination to sneak messages into the unconscious.

7 Need Cards

The second suit "Need & Desire" - activates unconscious motivations to get things done

7 Awareness Cards

The third suit "Awareness" - takes control of the one thing a hypnotist cannot live without: Attention!

7 Links & Association Cards

The fourth suit "Linkage" - allows you to piggy-back suggestions onto innocent ideas.

7 Pseudo-Logic Cards

The fifth suit "Pseudo-Logic" - speaks directly to the way the unconscious mind thinks!

7 Negation Cards

The sixth suit "Negation" - takes advantage of a sneaky flaw in the mind's armour.

7 Assumption Cards

The seventh suit "Assumptions" - lets you slip in ideas without ever really mentioning them.

The last 3 (Brand NEW suits) contain special wildcards that can be used with the first
49 cards to make them extra powerful and meet any situation…

7 Language Softener Cards

The eighth suit, "Language Softeners" - allow you to sugar coat your suggestions to make the medicine go down.

7 Action Accelerator Cards

The ninth suit, "Action Accelerators" - hurries the unconscious into action before the mind can think of resisting.

7 Anticipation Builder Cards

The tenth suit, "Anticipation Builders" - uses frustration to build response potential or make them want to resist you all the way into trance!

Each card contains specific words woven into powerful phrases you can use immediately.

And each card also comes with examples so you can quickly understand how to use them when you're speaking or writing.

What's more, they're definitely a handy and fast way to master a new skill. They fit neatly in any pocket and don't require a computer or a large folder to use!

Carry them around with you, whenever you've got a spare minute you can effortlessly inject this secret knowledge into your mind to summon whenever you want to get someone to do something YOU want!

Bonus Bonus
Bonus #1 MP3


When you claim your free Hypnotic Language Shortcut System today, you’ll also receive 4 in-depth training mp3s to ensure you get maximum results whenever you want to use highly influential hypnotic language in your day-to-day conversations. (3 Hours of Training)

...And BRAND NEW Video Content

Bonus #2 MP4


Plus you'll also get 7 live video demonstrations of the cards in action including how to maximize your results with hypnotic language. (2 hours of training)

These 7 videos include:

  • Easy-to-replicate exercises to get started with your hypnotic language shortcut system
  • How to combine the cards with the ABS formula to add real power to your hypnotic language
  • An in-depth look at the 3 new extra suits that supercharge all the other cards in your deck

And a review of the key principles underlying hypnotic language, so that you'll understand how to hypnotize people with just your words and why it works.

So, just to recap, altogether you will receive:

  • 70 Cards in 10 different suits
  • 4 In-depth audio trainings (3 hours)
  • 7 Live video demonstrations (2 hours)

That's your Hypnotic Language Shortcut System!

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Hypnotic Language Shortcut System

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